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In today’s world a quality education means more than it ever has, make sure you are equipped with the right tools to succeed.

Sustained Success

If you want to truly succeed you need to do it consistently. You will learn how with Leandrodominguez.

Understanding Technology

You cannot hold a job in today’s working economy without understanding the technology. We will make sure you have the skills to use all technology involved with your career field.

Accessible Education

All of our materials are accessible to you twenty four seven via our digital library. There are no excuses and zero setbacks for your education.


We want you to be in a situation where you feel as if you can truly thrive. No idea is a bad idea if you work on it and show it’s value. We give you the means to put in the work.


With the help of our professors and the tools that we have at your availability, the world will truly be in your hands. There is nothing standing in the way of you becoming the next great geologist when you work with our services.

We have some of the brightest minds in the geological world who are willing to help you on your journey. This is a field that is more important than ever given the current state of our environment. You will learn things that cannot be taught in a textbook and be set up to achieve greatness in this field.

Video Production

There is so much content being created that it is literally impossible for us to see it all. Having said that, there is no better time to be a content creator than right now. The technology is perfect for any students who are trying to learn from scratch and the audience is more accessible than ever.

Our professors will teach you everything from idea to execution. This way you will be a production whizz who can help out with any and every aspect of production. You will even learn how to market your work and get it out to audiences.

Culinary Arts

Being a chef takes more than just whipping up a concoction in your kitchen. Although your love for the culinary arts can start there, you are going to have to learn more if you truly want to learn how to be a chef. This comes from both learning via your text book to being in the kitchen with a true chef. We have the culinary experts who will be able to assist you every step of the way.

You will really find a new love for this art when you work with one of our professionals. Each one of them has been working in the industry for years. They have the connections and knowledge that is necessary to succeed in this field. You will truly be cooking up your success when you work with our team of talented culinary professionals

Video Game Design

The days of your parents telling you to put down your video game contoller because it will nevre amount to anything are over. Just recently a teenager won millions of dollars for winning a video game torunament. The ninth place finisher, who was also a teenager, made more money than most people make in an entire year. Video games are a profitable industry and actually made more money than the box office the past couple of years.

You might not be talented enough to compete in these tournaments but there are all types of jobs available to those who want to design video games. If this sounds like your dream job, then come join us. We have a team of experts who will make sure you know what it takes to hold a position at the largest video game companies or how to create your own games.


One of the most challenging yet necessary jobs on the planet. Without architects we would not have the homes we live in or places where we work. But this job is not for the faint of heart of those who easily give up. If you want to work hard and earn everything then you should look into working as an architect.

We have the best teachers around who can truly assist you on this arduous journey. It is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. This is one of our most popular tracks but also are the most difficult. When you finish working with our experts you will be well on your way to making a difference in the world of architecture.


Botany is one of the most undervalued subjects on the planet. Currently our rainforests are dying and it seems like each day a new plant is going extinct. Without botanists, we would not understand why this is happening. If you want to make a difference then you might be interested in working in the field of botany. But it is more than just spending time in the garden.

Our experts will open your mind to the possibilities that come associated with the field of botany. You cannot take any shortcuts and our professors will not allow you to do this at all. They will push you and make sure that you are learning what is necessary to save our beautiful planet.

About Adrian Thomas

Adrian, although a fantastic student herself, knew that the traditional style of learning was not for everyone. Working as a tutor to pay for some of her books in college she saw that some students struggled with the way things were working in a normal class. After years of working with students such as these she decided to create an alternative for the students who no longer wanted to participate in the traditional style of learning environment.

Leandrodominguez was founded with this in mind. Adrian’s goal was to help students and provide them with a quality education that would not destroy their bank account. If you ask any of her graduating students then they will tell you she has reached her goal by helping them achieve theirs.

About Narate Ketram

Narate has been nothing but a blessing since she joined our team several years ago. She is one of the most talented Creative Directors on the planet and she has helped create a culture at Leandrodominguez that truly cannot be repeated anywhere else. Growing up Narate hated going to school because she always felt as if she was behind. This made her feel left out and ultimately made her despise school.

It was not until she worked with a teacher who had a non-traditional style that she realized there was one way to go about school. Since then she has been on a quest to help others make the same discovery that she made at such a late age. Now she spends all her time assisting those who were like her.

About Fernando Comet

Fernando has been teaching for many years and he noticed several things wrong during his excursions. No matter where she went he had to do the same things and she found that they were not working for all of the students in her class. It was problematic for her to not be able to help those students who were drowning because there was not enough room on the proverbial lifeboat. Because of that she started to seek other alternatives to the way that she went about teaching and he found several ways that could benefit all students.

Now she has brought her one of a kind teaching style to Leandrodominguez and teaches it to every professor we hire. Her time as Head of Faculty has really shaped what we are all about at Leandrodominguez.

About Adedayo Saheed

When Leandrodominguez was founded one of the main things that we wanted to preach was affordable education. Adedayo saw this and immediately applied for the job. Working in admissions is never fun because you find yourself saying “no” alot. While Adedayo was in college he hated going to the admissions office because it was almost always a battle. Because of this reason he has worked as Head of Admissions to create an inclusionary process that makes all students feel welcome when they walk through the doors.

She wanted to shake up the norm that the admissions office has to be a cold, dark place. It is supposed to be a place where students feel as if they are being helped and moving forward with their lives. We are constantly breaking the mold at Leandrodominguez.


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Adrian Thomas

CEO & Founder

A highly educated individual, Adrian founded Leandrodominguez when she wanted an alternative to the traditional style of schooling.

Narate Ketram

Creative Diector

Someone who saw a void and wanted to fill it. Narate has been with the company since its inception and has no intention of leaving anytime soon. One of our most dedicated workers.

Fernando Comet

Head of Faculty

Comet has built a team of the most professional professors around. Because of her, the curriculum at Leandrodominguez is second to none.

Adedayo Saheed

Head of Admissions

Leandrodominguez is so unique because of our financial aid options. Adedayo has instituted those intitivates and is a large reason why our campus is so diverse.

What Clients Say 1

I had given up on school. It was too expensive and I was not getting what I needed. Then I heard about Leandrodominguez and decided to give it a try. I started with the Basic plan but now I use Premium and I could not be happier.

John Beal

What Clients Say 2

When you drop out of college it can be a grim feeling. WHen it happened to me I thought my life was over and I was destined to work a dead end job. But then I found Leandrodominguez and I have not looked back. Now I have a degree and start my dream job in a few weeks. Life is good thanks to Leandrodominguez!

Carla Carmen

What Clients Say 3

When I got pregnant at a young age, everyone told me I would never be able to get my degree. But Leandrodominguez has been incredibly flexible and understanding to my situation. Because of them, I graduate this spring and have several job opportunities lined up

Alexis Chapman

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