22 Sep 2014
Learning multiple languages does more good than bad.

In America, learning more than one language seems to be optional. Although, it is required in most curriculum it is not truly taken seriously. You are pushed through a system that does not benefit you as a student and you walk away with years of a language under your belt but little to no knowledge. We all know of someone who has taken several semesters of a foreign language and cannot speak it at all. For most of us, we are that someone.

This needs to change and it can no longer be the norm in American society. Just walking around making everyone speak English is not acceptable. Not only does it make us look bad, but it also is holding us back. Students who know more than one language are smarter than students who do not. This is because their brains are working on a higher plane and breaking things down at an exponential rate.

The more you know about other languages, the more you know about your own.

Not only are you smarter when you know more than one language, but you are also able to work several different jobs. Right now, the language of business is English. But that is going to change in the near future. Other countries are catching on and are able to speak both English and several other languages. This makes us look like a joke in the business world. It also allows for individuals to come to America and take jobs that would have gone to Americans. If we want to prepare for the future, it starts in the foreign language classroom.

“A different language is a different vision of life.” Federico Fellini